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SiteHive Enviro: Weather data

☀️ Weather data

Understanding local weather conditions is a critical element in planning works and investigating environmental events on site. SiteHive makes this a lot easier by automatically including weather from a range of sources.


The SiteHive dashboard includes a daily forecast, directly on your site map on the dashboard.

Actual recorded weather is shown as it becomes available, from either the nearest 3 Bureau of Meteorology station (for sites in Australia) or your own onsite weather station. The forecast for the remainder of the day is provided by OpenWeatherMap

There are key weather parameters provided:

Displayed is the top half of a site on the Enviro Software. The 'Dashboard' tab has been selected. The image shows the 'SiteHive HQ' site and the map is highlighted. In the top right hand corner of the map is the key weather parameters and it has been circled. It shows Max: 19.2 degrees, Min: 10.7 degrees, Rain: 0.5 mm, Wind: N 6.06 m/s.


In reporting, weather is graphed in the graphs section, so data can be correlated with measurements from your own on site environmental monitoring:

This image shows the SiteHive HQ project with a close up on the top menubar and menubar directly under the project name. The 'Reporting' tab has been circled and on the second menubar the 'Graphs' tab has been circled.

This image displays the weather data that is provided in reporting under graphs. It displays a bar graph showing daily cumulative rainfall in mm, wind daily max speed and dominant direction as a bar graph with arrows to display the dominant direction and below that the daily max humidity, temperature and dew point as a line graph.

This depicts the same image as above. The key difference is that the mouse has been hovered over the Daily cumulative Rainfall showing on the 30th August there was 14.9mm of rain. Underneath the Daily max speed and dominant direction of wind has been hovered over on the 30th of August. It shows Max wind speed: 6.69 m/s and Wind dominant direction: NW. Underneath is the Daily max humidity, temp and dew point line graph. The 30th of August has been hovered over. It shows Humidity: 88%, Temperature: 26 degrees and Dew Point: 13 degrees.

The weather graphs are default set to OpenWeatherMap - however, we also provide you with the 3 closest BoM stations near your site:

This is the same image of the weather reporting. What has been highlighted in the image is on the top right hand side of the weather reporting. There is an action button called 'source' where you can select to view 3 of the closest BoM stations near your site project. By default Open Weather Map is displayed.

Weather affected periods

Meteorological conditions on site can affect measurements made by even the most precise environmental monitoring devices. So it’s important to know the weather conditions on site and be able to identify any measurements that may have been impacted by them. 

Teams need to identify genuine spikes in environmental aspects (noise, dust, etc), vs spikes caused by wind, rain, or even humidity.

To make it easy to identify weather-affected data, SiteHive automatically highlights potentially weather-affected periods and allows users to customise weather parameters and thresholds in the 'settings' section above the dashboard and reporting graphs:

This image shows how to get to graph settings in reporting. Highlight in the image in the top menu bar is the Reporting tab then underneath the project name is the second menu bar. In the second menubar 'graphs' has been highlighted and selected. In the bottom right corner of the image the 'settings' button has been highlighted.

This image is of the graph settings window. On the window there is 'show data as' where you can select log scal or linear scale. There are two checkboxes underneath. First one is 'show out of hours periods' and the second is 'show weather affected periods.' Underneath the checkboxes is a grey box that houses weather source - where you can dropdown select from open weather map or the the nearest BoM stations. Weather criteria where you can toggle on or off rainfall, toggle on or off wind speed, a text field to type a number for m/s and a toggle to toggle on or off humidity. Underneath the grey box is a 'close' button on the bottom left corner and then a 'save' button on the right hand side.

ℹ️ Weather-affected periods are also automatically removed as part of Noise Background Level Calculations so that they don’t impact your reporting.


Unlike measurements from a singular weather station, OpenWeatherMap takes data from numerous sources to create a prediction of the weather at your site location. It is unlikely to be as accurate as an actual measurement but does provide weather data for any location. 

OpenWeather Numerical Weather Prediction uses machine learning technology to predict at 90% to 100% accuracy at a 500m precision (i.e. based on a 500m grid). To make these predictions, data is collected and processed from numerous sources including 82,000 weather stations spread globally, national meteorological agencies, radars and weather satellites. 

ℹ️ To make sure that the OpenWeatherMap data is relevant to your site, ensure that your site location is set correctly in Site Details. 

This image shows where to set up your correct site location. It shows the SiteHive Enviro Dashboard. In the top menubar 'site details' has been highlighted and on the second menubar under the site name 'site details' has been selected. The image shows the 'site details' page with 'site location' highlighted. On the Site Details page there is Site Name - in this image it is 'SiteHive HQ' and then Site Location with Latitude and Longitude and a 'select on map' button.

Add your own on site weather station to SiteHive Enviro Pro

 In addition to the weather data we provide you with, you can add your own on site weather station to SiteHive Enviro Pro, contact us to set this up. Supported devices include: 

Information we will need to set up your HOBO device on SiteHive Enviro Pro:

ℹ️ To connect your HOBO device to your SiteHive Enviro Pro dashboard you will need to request your API Key from Hobolink support. 

Once you have your API Key we will need your user ID and device serial number.

Information we will need to set up your Davis device on SiteHive Enviro Pro:

ℹ️ To be able to set up your Davis device on your SiteHive Enviro Pro dashboard you will need to have a Davis Vantage Pro account.

To find your station name go to 'Device info' and find the 'Station Name.'

To find your API Key v2 go to 'Account Information' and scroll down to 'API Key v2.'

When you have got the above information - please contact and we can easily integrate your weather station for you.