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Adding basemap tiles (e.g. KML map, MetroMap/Nearmap)

🗺️ Site details - Adding a KML map or MetroMap/Nearmap 

The aerial imagery provided in SiteHive Enviro software may not be as current as project-specific imagery that has been captured. 

KML Map view is an invaluable tool for your project, offering geospatial visualisation, aiding in site analysis, enabling precise design and planning, and facilitating transparent stakeholder communication.

As well as uploading your own KML file, you can add your own base map layers can be done in the Site Details page of each site, where you can select the relevant service (both MetroMap and Nearmap are currently supported), and your API token.

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How to add a KML Map

An image of a KML map on the SiteHive Enviro Dashboard.

An image of the SiteHive Enviro Dashboard first and second menu bar. In this image 'Site Details' in the top menu bar has been highlighted and clicked. In the second menu bar beneath the project name 'Site Details' has been highlighted and clicked.

This image is of the KML upload section of Site Details. In this image the 'Upload Files' button has been highlighted.

This image is of the upload files window. In this image there is 'choose file' where you will upload the KML file. Below the 'choose file' button on the left hand side is a cancel button and to the right is a save button.

This image is of a SiteHive Enviro Dashboard that has a KML map. On the map there are two action buttons in the top left hand corner. The map button has been clicked and the KML file has been selected and highlighted.

👀 How to edit your KML map for better visibility 

You can edit the colour - both fill and stroke and the width of the map for better visibility.

How to add your MetroMap or Nearmap

SiteHive Site Details page with external map tileset integration steps highlighted

SiteHive dashboard map with MetroMap option available in Map Styles section

ℹ️ We will be adding additional map service support upon request, please reach out if you have a service you'd like to see available in SiteHive Enviro.