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Share data via the stakeholder view

πŸ“© Share important data via the stakeholder view

Positive stakeholder and community relationships are critical for smooth project delivery. Transparency in project performance can help foster these relationships. 

SiteHive's stakeholder view is designed to help with exactly this - giving stakeholders and the community a view into how environmental impact is being managed. 

The Stakeholder View provides a high level overview of data from site, averaged at a higher level (e.g. 1 or 3 hourly averages) than the raw measurements (e.g. 1 or 15 minute averages), and delayed by 1 day. Each Aspect (Noise, Dust, Vibration) has its own dedicated page. 

Each page shows clear summary statistics for the selected period at the top, then detailed graphs for each monitoring device below. The default time selection is the last 30 days, but users can select other time periods (except for data from that day). 

This image is of the Stakeholder view page. The aspect selected is dust. Pictured is device statistics - Average PM2.5 and Average PM10 as well as dust graphs for the date range that has been selected.

πŸ”— How to share with stakeholders

To allow stakeholders to access this information simply press the share button at the top right of the page. 

ℹ️ After the link is generated it is valid for 3 months.

This image is of the stakeholder view menubar it has the site name, aspect, date range and share button.

This brings up a modal with a link that can be copied and shared:  

This image is of the page that pops up when you click the 'share' button. There is a share link and a 'copy link' button and a 'close' button.

When people access the link they aren't required to login, so anyone with the link can see the Stakeholder View. 

However, they can only see the Stakeholder View unless the user logs in to SiteHive and will then be able to see other pages.

What is shared can also be configured, with a range of options including: 

This image is of Stakeholder settings page. There is a section to select devices, toggle on or off stat cards, a graph section where you can choose interval periods, an option to show data as log scale or linear scale and the final section where you can toggle on or off telemetry graphs, thresholds and site hours. Below that in the bottom left corner is a 'close' button and to the right a 'save' button.

Benefits of stakeholder view:

ℹ️ Currently, the stakeholder view does not show images, audio files, thresholds or events. 

We'd love to hear your feedback on this feature - please let us know if your stakeholders like it, and/or any feedback so that we can continue improving SiteHive for you.