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🧭 Navigate portfolio view

SiteHive's Portfolio View is a game-changer for users managing multiple sites simultaneously. 
Get a real-time performance snapshot of all your sites on a single screen, customised just for you. 
See the active devices, see offline ones, and easily identify the parameters being measured and daily Events.

Portfolio view

SiteHive has an increasing number of clients managing multiple sites concurrently - for example as managing contractors; for projects with multiple precincts; or as managers at head office. 

The Portfolio View shows you the real-time performance of all their sites together on one screen. 

When you log in to SiteHive, you are greeted with your own personalised Portfolio View, showing all the sites that you have access to: 

SiteHive Portfolio View showing three different sites: Circular Quay, LXRP Cranbourne and M80 with details on number of devices, exceedances and type of device

Site card with highlights explaining details e.g. project name, number of devices on site, monitored aspects e.g. noise dust and vibration, number of events or exceedances and number of devices offline

If you're interested in connecting more of your sites to SiteHive to gain the benefits of real-time environmental management, please don't hesitate to give us a buzz!